Jeem App, an application for the glamorous 21st century women looking for beauty services at the comfort of their homes.

Through the app, women in the UAE can book an appointment for whatever beauty service they are looking for, delivered to their home, with a convenient touch of a button.

About Us

JEEM app lets you book an appointment with various makeup artist and stylists around the UAE delivered to your location. The app connects you with third-party service providers who, upon acceptance of your booking, will arrive at your doorstep and provide you the services you've booked. JEEM app offers more than just hair and makeup services, since the various service providers are free to chose the services they provide. JEEM has been working with top level salons and freelance artists in providing them a more flexible platform, the availability of being able to work when they want and where they want. Since it provides the artists a platform to work where they are not bound by time and location, it therefor also helps the customer avail services without having to move an inch. The app is proudly UAE-based, and is exclusive to women.

Best Features


Tell you recent updates and let's you take quick action


Type in the name or keyword you are looking for to easily find it.


Leads you to the main page.


Beauty bag let's you view the services you are planning to book before booking or paying


View your upcoming or ongoing appointments


Make a list by liking your favorite artist to easily find them in the future


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How to Book

The easiest thing to do with the JEEM app, is to make your booking:


Download the app from your smartphone store, and get yourself registered, providing complete and true information.


Select the kind of service you want, specifying the area of work and the stylist you would like to choose.


Once you've done the first two steps, all you have to do now is confirm your booking and wait for the approval from the stylist.


Looking for more customers? Having a hard time filling appointments? Register with Jeem app, and let the app get you appointments, For more info, share you details below, and we will get back to you, or download the app, create your profile, and start receiving appointment requests.

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